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TimeMyDay - Problems?

Please tell me

If you've bought a copy and are having problems, then please contact me using the contact form - I use a contact form to avoid problems with spam email address collectors. I don't know who has bought my App and have no way of finding out. I plan to post hints and answers to problems here - but I do need to know what they are!

Want to process your TimeMyDay data with Excel?

A user asked how this could be done, so I've prepared a little 'add-on' which can be used to take exported TimeMyDay information and inject it into Excel.

Click here for more

iCal syncing

If you pick a calendar in the cloud for TimeMyDay, then a copy of TimeMyDay running on a different system can be used to pick up events and integrate them into its own database. It will also send its events to iCal so all versions of TimeMyDay will be in sync.

You can tune the period that TimeMyDay uses to sync its events with iCal, so you can upload old events to iCal, remove them from TimeMyDay and they should persist in iCal. You need to take care with the date settings to do this, see the help system in TimeMyDay for a lot on this.

Reporting problems

If you plan to report a problem, then use the contact form and I will mail you back. Then send in your problem - I need to work out what is happening on your system and it helps if you use these headings (which I have stolen from Apple):

  • Summary: Provide a descriptive summary of the issue.
  • Steps to Reproduce: In numbered format, detail the exact steps taken to produce the bug.
  • Expected Results: Describe what you expected to happen when you executed the steps above.
  • Actual Results: Explain what actually occurred when steps above were executed.
  • Regression: Describe circumstances where the problem occurs or does not occur.
  • Notes: Provide additional information, such as references to related problems, workarounds and relevant attachments.

There is more chance of fixing or explaining things if I can reproduce what is happening to you.