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4/November/2016 Release 1.10.1 is available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: This release has been created in response to problems some users discovered when using the previous release on El Capitan. The release has been compiled so it will work on Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan. There have been several changes mostly concerned with syncing TimeMyDay with iCal. The syncing system has been significantly revamped and tested. Control of synchronisation start date has been merged with the previous Full Sync menu item because it seemed more robust to do this. A new feature (which appears under the Preferences menu item) permits the removal of duplicate entries in TimeMyDay. These are entries with exactly the same information which have appeared in my TimeMyDay database, perhaps as a result of using untested code, or perhaps because of incorrect code that may have existed in previous versions of TimeMyDay. Internally the code has been brought up-to-date to eliminate deprecated API calls, more needs to be done for an strict El Capitan release.

This release started life in 2015, but a series of mis-understandings and general lack of time delayed its acceptance by the App Store.

2/August/2014 Release 1.9.1 is available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: This version is aimed at 'Mavericks' A.K.A Macos 10.9. There are no new features for the user, most changes are internal, reflecting alterations to the MacOS X since TimeMyDay was originally programmed. Deprecated features in the API have been replaced by recent interfaces. The main change is a large alteration to the way that TimeMyDay syncs with iCal. TimeMyDay now uses the 'EventStore' rather than the older 'CalendarStore'. There is no real change for the user except that TimeMyDay will now ask permission to access your Calendars when it starts. This will only be asked once. The EventStore interface is considerably less helpful than the previous Calendarstore and makes it much harder to write a synchronisation system. Users are advised to use the Calendar->Set Sync Date feature to minimise the work that TimeMyDay has to do.

23/October/2012 Release 1.8.1 is available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: In order to fit it with Apple's policy for App submission, TimeMyDay is now 'sandboxed'. Files will be moved automatically when the new version is installed. Users should note that this is very probably the last version of this app that will be created using MacOS X 10.6 development kit. Subsequent versions may need at least 10.7 (Lion) to run.

On a suggestion from a user, the 'Notes' field has been changed to 'Task' or 'Tasks' throughout the application making it cleared that projects can consist of sets of activities tagged with the same task name. In addition, I've found that sometimes I want to be able to see the contents of the Projects menu in name order on the main timing window, so I've added a checkbox to re-order this menu on demand.

Work has been put into making TimeMyDay more 'keyboard friendly', Tab can now be used to move between fields, and buttons now respond to 'Return'.

30/January/2012 Release 1.7.1 is available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: New 'Copy with Tabs' addition to the 'Edit' menu allows copying of information from TimeMyDay 'Tools' windows ready for pasting into a spreadsheet of your choice. The Auto-closed flag is carried into iCal sync information so will be passed to a version of TimeMyDay running on another system. Fixed a problem that appeared in Lion when syncing with iCal.

12/December/2011 Release 1.6.1 available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: A user noticed that selecting a note from the main window drawer would set the note for the last activity (if it had just been created). This is not desirable really, so it doesn't happen any more.
Another user found that the Archive system had disappeared along with their archived events. It turned out to be a typo in the code that was triggered when a Project name in the archive was the same as one in the active system. This is fixed.
Project menus are now sorted in a case independent way. Finally, a code review improved the printing system which doesn't cost memory any more.

2/December/2011 Release 1.5.1 available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: Unfortunately, Release 1.4.1 inadvertently removed the select function in the main Activities panel, so you could not select activities and sum times of groups of activities. This is now restored.
A new feature is introduced, dropping an activity into a By Day window will now set the day of that activity to that selected in the window.

12/October/2011 Release 1.4.1 available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: TimeMyDay now optionally stores events in a calendar in iCal. If the calendar is stored in the cloud, it can be used to allow syncing of different copies of TimeMyDay on different systems. TimeMyDay no longer uses MobileMe syncing.

12/April/2011 Release 1.3.1 available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: Fixed a problem where linkage between active and inactive events was not cleared correctly. Thanks to Nick Whitelock for reporting this.

12/February/2011 Release 1.2.1 available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: Add an optional lock button to keep the times in the Edit and Add New activities in step, should this be wanted when changing times.
Change the operation of the Notes drawers attached to the main timing window, and the Edit and Add New activities windows so that loading of the main window notes field is now done by just clicking on a saved note.
Rework the autoclose code which was failing to record computed end times. Install code to read the display sleep time from system preferences using the pmset program - which is not actually the optimal method of getting this information - but seems to be the only 'public' way of getting the display sleep time. Autoclose will now behave properly when power source changes between battery and connected A/C.
Change the preferences panel to provide a slider based selection system for Away time, since we now only need the Away time, previous versions also asked for the display sleep time.

22/January/2011 Release 1.1.1 available in the App Store.

What's new in this version: Changes to TimeMyDay Help to add in support information, expand on MobileMe assistance and generally tidy the text. Bug fix to the timing programming that was causing show-stopper problems for some people. Extend the auto-close feature to permit it to force an ending time of one second before midnight.
Thanks to Jason Killie for his assistance in finding the timing bug.

6/January/2011 Release 1.0.1 released in the Mac App Store.

TimeMyDay screen windows - reduced in size