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TimeMyDay - Step by Step

Getting started

Use TimeMyDay to record your work on different projects. Start a timer at the beginning of the work and stop it at the end, and TimeMyDay will record the activity. You can insert missed events and reset the start or stop times. TimeMyDay can also close an activity when your display goes to sleep, and arrange to record the end of an activity at the time you left the system. If you turn your system off or put the lid down on your laptop, TimeMyDay will reset the activity status depending on what time has elapsed.

Project titles are recorded for later use, so you can make sure that activities are recorded under the same name.

Activities can be displayed by project title and by day, so you can discover what you were doing on a particular day. The elapsed time for projects or activities are shown so you can find out total time spent on the project.

You can ask TimeMyDay to export its activities to iCal and then import them on a different system. You can also export its internal format and import the data to a different computer.

Incidentally, some of the spacing in the screen windows have changed since I made this video - and also MobileMe support has been discontinued.


TimeMyDay has several preference settings, some are used to tell TimeMyDay what to do:

  • You can set the time that TimeMyDay will assume that you stopped work when it finds an activity is open.
  • You can make MyTime's internal clock 'tick' at a rate you set.
  • You can arrange for TimeMyDay to work out when you left your computer and automatically close the timed activity.

Settings are used to control how TimeMyDay displays its data:

  • You can show time with or without seconds.
  • You can round up elapsed times for activities to occupy a fixed 'slot'.
  • You can display time as a decimal number rather than the more normal hours, minutes and seconds.
  • You can choose the font size for printing.

Since this video was made, the style of the preference panel has changed to supply the extra sections needed for syncing with iCal.


TimeMyDay allows you to recover easily from mistakes, you can:

  • Change times on events you are recording.
  • Edit the last activity you timed.
  • Add a missed activity.
  • Change project names.
  • Move activities from one project to another.
  • TimeMyDay tries at all times to allow intuitive editing to be allowed so that you can ensure you are storing the correct data.

Copy as text

TimeMyDay enables you to pick up the information that it is displayed in columns on the screen using "Copy as Text", the text can then be pasted into any other text based application such as Mail or TextEdit to be sent to someone else or stored.